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Show Breakdown

Friday, February 5, 2010
Bayfront Park Amphitheatre
Miami, FL

All i can say is wow...The downtown Miami skyline, a full of energy Phil + Bobby and you get Nirvana need i say more...They were as tight as they get...Smokin' show 5 stars all the way...Imho 376 show opinion...Peace,Love, Namaste....Lotus

Lotus, Miami
Miami knows how to host a party.
I was impressed from start to finish.
The few rough spots were tiny compared to the bright stars.
I had fun and that is all that matters.
Wife and I will see ya in Orlando tonight.

Tim, Stuart
Not much more to say but..HOLY SHIT!! This band is smoking!!! Simply the best post Jerry lineup. JK is amazing!!!! I wish they had him in the lineup last year when the dead toured. He`s much better in that roll then Werren Haynes.
Getting ready to head up to Orlando to see them tonight at the hard rock..

BillyO, trenton
Epic...the best jam time I have ever had. My advice would be to find a date near you and get your tickets because a rocking good show awaits. This collaboration is simply awesome. Go Furthur!

Shelldog, Tampa, FL
After ten below zero during my trip to Vermont, I was thrilled to be back in South Florida and Miami is a perfect city for Furthur: friendly cops, kind venue and warm weather, oh how I love where I live. And then there was the music. I was singing Music Never Stopped on my way into the venue, so humid and happy I was to be alive and able to dance to the latest configuration of my favorite band members. Bobby’s flood pants were funny along with Phil’s bass lit up with lights and did I hear right, Jerry’s daughter doing backup female vocals? And I like the dude from Dark Star Orchestra, John Kadlecik, spooky, and plenty of keyboard action with Jeff Chimenti. Top that off with two drummers, thank you Joe Russo and Jay Lane [love the Ratdog connection] and who could ask for more? Not me, no siree. And then I get an all time favorite, Ramble On Rose. Dear Mr. Fantasy was beyond words wonderful, smoking lead from Kadlecik, “something to make us all happy…”

Diane Larson, Cooper City, FL
And even though I’m not a big fan of the song Golden Road, when I mentioned that to Ira, my new Deadhead friend, he said the first time heard the song live was at Fillmore East with the Dead and Janis Joplin. That’s a good reason to like it. Franklin’s Tower, yum yum, to close the set and I headed for the bathrooms and bumped into old friends, who recognized my DyeVersions tie-dye and then me. Wonderful to see you Jamie, you look fabulous and Kate Ann, what a hoot to reminisce about our past and present incarnations. The second set was on the money with Throwing Stones and especially Good Lovin’ and I always love Terrapin and China/Rider. Wow. The last time I saw the band it was The Dead, Mother’s Day 2009 at Mountain View and that was totally exciting, but to have Furthur in my own backyard, I am blessed. The venue was kind, I was able to bring in a small backpack and a soft cooler so I handed out towels after the rain, and ate my sandwiches and drank my water during breaks. I was too excited to eat before the show. I want to write more but it is Superbowl Sunday here and crazy busy at work and we are remodeling at home so this is it.

Diane Larson, Cooper City, FL
All I've got to say is that the greatest rock-n-roll band in the history of the world lives!!!! In the words of Phil Lesh, "It's all about the music." So true! But what do you play and how do you play it?

There are not enough superlatives to describe this show!!!! John Kadlecik from Dark Star was superb! He sounded so much like Jerry on an outstanding rendition of Ramble on Rose.

Phil, Bob, and the rest of their mates were awesome! Mr. Fantasy, Franklin's Tower, Viola Lee Blues, Good Lovin, China Cat Sunflower, You know You Rider, Ripple... Wow!!!!!! I wish that I could go to this show every evening for the rest of my life!!!!!

Thank You Further!!!

Maybe I can catch another show during this tour if I'm LUCKY!!!!


Tony Neemish, Mikki Makki Reservation
Having attended both Miami and Orlando as well as seeing just about every reincarnation of the Dead since 95, plus seeing 100+ shows between 81 and 95 this is hands down a full fledged Grateful Dead renaissance almost in the same category as the breakout year of 1989.

John is channelling Garcia. Seeing Warren at the Gorge this summer, it was clear that he didn't have the time nor experience in studying the Dead's idiosyncrasies. What John brings to the table is someone who has spent years of his life studying under the shadow of Garcia, and has the vocals to match.

The set lists are awesome, but if you listen to the music you will discover much more in terms of depth, study, practice and tightness. Good loving mixes the best of 1978 with 1972, the guitar on Bertha is right from 1977, Dr Mr fantasy clocks in at twice the jam that what the GD would put out during the Brent years, and the double ending of Franklin's shows a new found energy and tightness that signals a high point in the now decades long cycle of music Phil and Bob have been a part of.

Futhur speaking this band has got their harmonies down! More than once I had goose bumps listening to these folks bring us the gospel. Hands down the best ever Bid You Goodnight, on par with Live Dead.

Now is the time to take in a Dead show and Furthur is delivering the goods. See you in Portland and Oakland.

James, Bowen Island BC
Further rocked Miami and we weren't even part of the super bowl festivities. Who needs the NFL when we have our own all star band. Smoking hot show from the born again cross eyed to the jamming hot shakedown, china-rider and the closer Ripple really brought back memories of Jerry. I must agree that John K. is a much better fit than Warren Haynes. The youngster with lots of experience really brings a good vibe to the band and seems to have the confidence in himself to play Jerry's tunes and of his com padres Bobby and Phil. Our new lead guitarist is definitely a keeper and yes indeed I wish as well they had him with them last year. Warren is capable and has his moments - like on the kick as rendition of into the mystic from the NY tune up for the 09 tour but didn't bring it nearly enough for my liking.

Mike, Margate, FL
Very tight and energetic first set. Born cross-eyed was much improved from 2009. Golden road was smoking. Loved the 17 min fantasy. On the road again was good. The franklins was hot and better than Farifax.

Throw-away was ok and not a real great opener...Pine Knob 1991 was the classic. The Viola/Mason's was sweet. I love all the versions of these 2 tunes. Good Lovin was long, but ok. I thought it was a pretty long and juicy Terrapin. Shakedown was solid. However, It did not have quite the power and length of Hampton. They seem to be playing china cat slower with this arrangement...The jams do heat up at the end, though. It was a very good version of this duo, thanks to JK. Ripple was a nice touch.

Overall: Good opening show...not crazy, though.

CG, Wisconsin
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